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January 14, 2020

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“Margie’s music shows that she is a force to be reckoned within the pop world as both a writer and vocalist.”

Mitch Mitchowski Executive Producer Wonderland Records Via Atlantic Records

"I met Margie this past week in a private meeting where she both performed and was an attendee in the training. She has a head of Gold. She is so genuine and has an incredible servants heart. That mixed with a voice like an angel makes he someone you want to be around. I bought every song she has and you should too."

Lionel Wilson- Margie Fan

"I'm so glad i found Margie's music when i first heard her i'm like she has the voice of an angel she made my ears perk up that's for of the best voices i have heard in a long time ...i wish you nothing but lots of success now and in the future.....keep making our ears happy!!!"

Donnie Andrews - Margie Fan

"Margie is a phenomenal talent! Her voice is genuine, sweet but powerful! She can perform exquisite runs and melodies that will give you all the feels! Her albums have songs that incorporate some pop and are great for something light and fun to listen to but has some beautiful ballads as well. Margie can do it all!
She has even done some covers of songs, that I believe are done better than the original artist! Tune in to her live on Instagram and you will see what I mean! I try and catch her any chance I get to request a song. Give her a listen, you won’t regret it! All the best"

Rachel Marshall - Margie Fan

 #1 Fan! Your Voice Is great and your an even better person”  

Brandon Steiner - CEO Steiner Sports Empire

"An amazing woman she is. Very talented in deed. The first time I heard your music was on Instagram. It was love at first sight immediately when I heard your beautiful voice. I was so amazed and intrigued by the dedication you have with your music. It's very astonishing how a person with many gifts have so much compassion for music. She's a very beautiful woman with a tremendous amount of talent. She has an angelic voice which appears to be heavenly sent. Everyone please support her with her music making her dreams come true. Margie Chadburn is her name."

Jeffrey Johnson - Margie Fan

“Margie was absolutely amazing at our event”

Keller Williams Team

What’s New?

Most Loyal Fan Award This Month

"The Most Loyal Fan award goes to Lindsey L  Thank you for buying all the albums this week.  You are such a sweetheart" Margie

Live videos Now Every Week

"Now tune in every week on

Instagram @margie.chadburn

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I sing song requests for you and see how your doing while we have a fun live personal chat." Margie

"I'm so glad to find this girl on internet because the first time i saw her i was enchanted with her beauty and when i hear her sing i was in complete in shock! She's so wonderfull ! And their songs are so perfect. She's a great great songwritter too !! i love all the lyrics. And enjoy all her live streams. And i hope one day to see her sing in live! Love you"  girl"  Celeste Jauregui

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Margie Chadburn Crew was founded in 2009.  We pride ourselves on being a fun and collaborative environment, where people from all over can come together in fan unity.

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Contact Info: Soul Entertainment Team

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