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Wow 2020 crazy right?!

What do you want to see for yourself in 2020?

HI I am Margie. Wow its 2020 crazy right?! I am a singer/songwriter and I have been writing music and performing for a long time.

During my journey I worked as a waitress for over 5 years to help pay for music. I moved across the country and interned at a recorded label without pay for 4 months to learn more about the business. (I mainly picked up coffee and ran errands) Have you ever seen the movie, Devil Wears Prada? Ya that was me! I worked 2 jobs during the day and would record from 11pm -3 am at a basement studio to record my first album. It took me a year in a half to finish my first full length album and one EP. I had written 10 songs on my first album since I was told "Nobody is going to write with you. You are a nobody."

The next album I worked with a group and they were great people! I recorded it in ATL, GA. We just didn't have the money to market it so it kind of all fell apart.

The next couple years I started working again and finished another Christmas album in ATL, GA. Again put all the money into creating the music and just didn't have money to market it.

The next couple of years I worked and worked and worked and started working on another album. I began doing some work in LA, CA.

Man if I would have known all the years of blood, sweat and tears that when into creating this music would I do it again?

Well I am grateful for having music in my life because it helps me to connect with others. It is very therapeutic. I went through some time where I felt anxiety, had an eating disorder. Went through heartbreak and I used to pray this passion for music would go away but then I realized it saved me from so many other things that could have destroyed my heart and soul.

I hope I do get to meet you at a show one day! I hope that you will come talk to me after the show and say hi!

I hope you find more joy and peace in your life in this next decade!

What do you feel like has helped you? What is your passion in life?

Contact Info: Soul Entertainment Team

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